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Everyone has been affected by cancer, either by their own diagnosis or that of a family member or friend. Many advances have been made in the treatment of cancer. At one time a diagnosis of cancer was most likely a death sentence.  Today, with better treatment options, many cancers are cured or become more of a chronic condition. However, there is much more that needs done in the way of cancer treatment. We cannot stop the fight until the battle is won.

The American Cancer Society does much to support this battle. Money raised for the American Cancer Society, by the Relay For Life, is used to help cancer patient in various ways. For instance, money goes to research. Physicians and scientist are constantly learning more about cancer cells, genetics, and ways to better treat cancer. In addition, money is used to support patients. Patients in need can receive free transportation for doctor visits and treatment. Patient receiving treatment long distances from their home may need help with hotel accommodations. All patient receiving chemotherapy that results in hair loss receives a free wig. Patient's receive many free items such as blankets, hats, scarves, pillows ect in order to be more comfortable. Patients can attend "Look Good Feel Better" classes free of charge where they receive makeup and various products. Most of all they receive so much support. 

The American Cancer Society provides education to everyone about cancer risk factors, ways to reduce risk factors, and recommended cancer screening. Once one receives a cancer diagnosis, the American Cancer Society can help educate patients and families in many ways. Information such as, how to chose a treatment team, what questions to as your doctor, and support with treatment and side effect management. Support from the American Cancer Society is always free of charge.    

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